Sunday, August 1, 2010

What happend?

I used to be organized.  I used to have lists and lists and lists for everything and I actually used it!  (If you have never known that warm fuzzy feeling when you get to draw a line through some errant you had to do - you haven't lived!)  I used to be EARLY for appointments, meetings, get-togethers.  What happend?  As I sit here writing this, my desk is such a mess that I don't have a spot to put my latte.  I can't even see the pattern of the duvet on the guest bed behind me (too much laundry and clothes).  .  .

I'm back . . . I actually shamed myself into cleaning up the bed behind me

Where was I?   Mmmmm, okay got it.

Even my laptop is disorganized.  My files are all over the place.  Every weekend, I promise myself to just START sorting everything.  And every Sunday (like now), I just feel mad at myself for letting it all get away from me.  But tonight just after I finish this post!  This time, I AM starting.

I don't even have any excuses, no children running around, no family emergencies keeping me away, no demands from hubby to do this or that - nothing.  Maybe I am getting lazy as I am getting older.  Maybe I could blame blogging!  I seem to spend an awful lot of my time online these days.  Yes that's it - I BLAME THE INTERNET!

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