Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Review: Eternal Craving by Nina Bangs

Title: Eternal Craving
Nina Bangs
Series:  Gods of Night #2
Paranormal Romance
Publication date:
first published in April 2009

Goodreads blurb:
THE ELEVEN—an alliance of ultimate predators. Primal, lethal, irresistible.
THE PROPHECY—an ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on 12-21-12.
THE PREY—where can you hide from pure evil?

Lies. He’s been promised a new life as the hunter he once was. But Al soon learns that all the rules have changed. Now he must control his most basic urges—the need to kill, to feed, to mate. And the woman he wants looks at him with both heat and fear in her eyes. Jenna Maloy doesn’t buy the story that he’s come to Philadelphia to save souls. She seems to see through the layers of deception to the primitive heart of him. With her beside him, Al stalks the dark forces that crouch in the city’s night shadows. But the real battle rages in his heart. Love is a formidable opponent. How can he ask her to stay with him after she’s seen the savagery of his beast? He only knows that if she turns from him he’ll be cursed with an Eternal Craving.

Eleven Gods of the Night…
The only creatures more deadly are the ones they’ve been summoned to destroy. 

My thoughts:
This is the second book in the Gods of Night series and the story of the Mayan legend carries on.
Jenna has come to Philadelphia to bring her sister, Kelly back home.  She doesn't trust Kelly's new husband Ty or his claim to be a "missionary". Her reporter nose is twitching.  

Fin and the Eleven are in Philadelphia on the trail of EIGHT.  When we meet Jenna, I didn't immediately like her. She has many hang-ups and her internal dialogue got to me in the beginning.  She feels inferior to her sister and therefor tries to act like she does not care.  She grows through the book and by the end, I really enjoyed her character. I have to admit that if I was thrown in a world with dinosaurs and demons, I would probably also not be at my best emotionally.

On the other hand, I loved  Al - I have such a soft spot for a tortured hero.  He had a hard time coming to terms with his human side and longs for a earlier, pre-historic time where all problems could be solved by violence.  And when he finally puts two and two together and discovers he loves Jenna . . . poor guy :)

For lovers of paranormal romance, this is a must read series.  Nina Bangs writes with humor and sensitivity - you will not be disappointed.  Can't wait for the third book that comes out in 2011. 



  1. I really like Nina Bangs. She is funny and easy to read. I know she's not writing great literature (lol) but very fun and entertaining.

  2. I agree, Danielle - but sometimes fun and entertaining is all we are looking for :)


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