Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book Review: The Happy Baker by Erin Bolger

Title: The Happy Baker
Author: Erin Bolger
Edition: Paperback (my version was an eBook)
Genre: Cookbook
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 01 October 2010

30+ years of dating fiascos
60+ down-home, comforting recipes
1 pink baking hammer, with apron & lip gloss to match
Many (many) bottles of wine
Too many tears
A whole lotta laughter

Yields: 1 Very Happy Baker

We’ve all been there. The blind date from hell. The Big Hurt. The guy who details his various surgeries over Caesar salad on the first date. Who needs a pint of rocky road when you can head to the kitchen and work out your heartache with a whisk and a bottle of wine? Erin Bolger has been there, dated that and baked through it all. Turns out the more bitter the heartbreak, the sweeter the batter. So don’t cry over bad dates, bad boyfriends or bad breakups—whip up a batch of My-Mom-Didn’t-Like-You-Anyway Cupcakes and bake yourself happy.

“This is the best book I’ve ever read.” —Erin’s Mom, an avid book reader

“I would not recommend this book to anybody.” —Erin’s Ex, not an avid book reader 

My thoughts: 
I LOVE recipes and when I can read the recipe book like a story (like I did in one sitting today), I am in heaven.  I was laughing at the funny (terrible) dating experiences and licking my lips over the beautiful photos.  The recipes are easy to follow and both a newbie and the experienced cook will find fun in the pages.  I can see that a few of these recipes will become favourites.

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I received this book for review from the publisher.  The opinions expressed are my own and I wasn't influenced in any way.

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