Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Half the week is past already.

Thank goodness! I seem to live from weekend to weekend at the moment. But it has to get better sometime, right. I just need to hang on long enough. Or I need to just get to the point where I don't allow it to bother me this much. But that might not be possible for me . . . I tend to take things a little too personally.

What a midweek today is . . . 090909 - just look at that! Now we just have to wait for 9 minutes past nine tonight 0909090909 . . . LOL

I have been stitching and I have a little bit of an update on the Gothic girl. She is coming around slowly but surely. :) I just enjoy her so much at the moment. :)



  1. She's looking great! I am glad you are having fun with her. To me, HAED's are torture. I love the pretty pictures, cant stand stitching them...which sucks since I have over 100 of them.

  2. She is coming along you are right.
    I also live from weekend to weekend. It's wishing your life away so you can just sit and stitch cause it brings so much joy when you are done. Doesn't it?
    Keep on keeping you are making great progress.
    Thanks for coming by to see me and leaving a comment.
    God Bless ~
    Wish I was visiting that beautiful place.

  3. Thank you girls. Well it is Friday, I just have to get through today . . .

  4. Your progress is looking beautiful. Have a good weekend!


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