Friday, September 18, 2009

Fairy Tales

This is what have been keeping me busy (and sane) in the evenings this past week. This is such an easy and very relaxing piece so far. It is the Aida that makes it easy and the colors just flows and flows which just relaxes me . . . (I am sure the confetti stitches is still coming. LOL)

Goodness HAED patterns have soooo many different colors!! I have been buying the colors in drips and drabs because floss is really expensive here. But I will be spending a little tomorrow to get some of the colors I still need (what a surprise, huh? I keep on spending my extra money on stitchy things!). Hopefully I will then be able to get a little past the background this weekend. :) Can't wait to get some of her face in the picture. . .

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  1. They are always more fun to stitch when you get to the *good* parts!


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