Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review: Undeniable by Delilah Devlin


Title: Undeniable
Author: Delilah Devlin
Series:  Dark Frontier
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Publication date: 14 June 2011
Author’s website: http://www.delilahdevlin.com/
Source: my own copy

Blurb from Goodreads:

Kate McKinnon's Sanctuary is an island of refuge in a western frontier shrouded in post-apocalyptic chaos. Her only escape from her crushing responsibilities is occasional radio contact with other pockets of survivors. Especially one man whose deep, raspy voice cuts through her exhaustion, straight to her heart. A man whose face she has only imagined.
When she and her ranch hands are surrounded by renegades, she doesn't recognize the leader of the militaristic band that rescues them, but knows that voice.
Ty Bennett is already half in love with the human woman whose voice haunts his dreams. His impulsive offer to add muscle to the Sanctuary's defenses is dangerous to them both. Helping her may redeem some of his sins, but proximity only increases his hunger to possess her-body, soul...and blood.
Without hesitation, she welcomes Ty and his men into the Sanctuary...only to discover the reason why they only ride at night. Yet the survival instinct that screams at her to drive them off is no match for Ty's seductive powers. Or the need for protection from the threat that howls at Sanctuary's gates.
Warning: Expect a dark, violent world where a vampire driven by uncontrollable lusts strikes a bargain with a strong woman willing to succumb to the carnal pleasures only a vampire can provide.

My thoughts:

This is a HOT read that erotica lovers will LOVE!!

Unfortunately, erotica is not one of my favourite genre’s.  I realised pretty soon that this was going to be a hard read for me and when Ty felt the need to “punish” Kate, I had to force myself to keep going.  But I know that is just a personal preference, so keep that in mind while you read the rest of my review. 

I love the world that the author created for us – a dystopian wasteland with werewolves (and not the good kind – lol) always at the gates.  Kate is a strong woman, giving Sanctuary to those in need of protection, but supplies are running out fast.   She needs to make a plan. 

Enter Ty - the voice of the outside world that has kept Kate going much longer than she should have been able to.  So when she finds him on her doorstep, she and her household finds hope.

Undeniable is the first in this new series by Delilah Devlin and I am sure fans will rush out to buy all the new titles that will be coming.  The characters are strong and you get to know them quickly.  This novella is on the short side and I am sure fans will be disappointed that Ty and Kate did not get more time together.  But more is sure to come!


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