Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Review: Reunion in Death



Title: Reunion in Death
Author: JD Robb
Genre: Sci-Fi Crime Mystery
Publisher: Berkley
Publication date: 05 March 2002
Author’s website:
Source:  Own copy

This is the 14th in the Eve Dallas series and we meet all our favourite characters again.  I love Peabody and McNab (who is now a couple), my favourite butler, Summerset and off course the sexy Roarke.  This time Peabody’s family comes to visit and the interaction between Eve and these gypsies are priceless.  I still had moments that I just wanted to hit Eve but definitely less than the last book – Eve is growing and after a year of married life, she is starting to accept all the love and support around her.

In this book, Walter Pettibone is poisoned on his birthday party and Eve is called to investigate.  The murderer, Julliana Dunn, was sent to prison by Eve some years earlier and Julliana is back for some revenge.  Because for Julie it is all personal - Eve is the only adversary she respects.

We also finally learn more about Eve’s childhood when we visit Dallas, Texas and visit the room where she killed her father.  Hopefully this will put some of this in the past for Eve because we can only go over the same old facts so many times.

If you are interested in reading the IN DEATH series, I would suggest that you start at the beginning with Naked in Death.  The first few books definitely have to be read in order. 


  1. Did you know that Christine is holding a "In Death Reading Challenge"? It's been lots of fun so far!! Join in with us --

  2. This looks interesting. I've read Nora Roberts before, but not her J.D. Robb books.


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