Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogger interview: A Brave new Adventure



Today we meet Najela from A Brave New Adventure.  Here is what she had to say . . .

* Please tell us a little about your blog.
My blog is your standard book blog with reviews. It used to be a general blog, but last year I decided to focus on just YA books since those are basically what I read outside of school. I also moved my personal life related posts to

* How did it all start? And how long has it been?
My book blog started as a way to just keep track of the books that I've read. I started keeping track of these books back in 2008, but I didn't get serious with book blogging until May 2010, when I revamped the blog and started focusing on books more than just a general blog. So offically, it's been a little over two years, but as a book blog, it's been a year.

* How much time and energy do you put into your blog?
Well, I try to put as much energy and time as possible but that is after school and after working. I love to read in general and write the reviews, but finding the time is hard, but in a few months I hope to do more with this book blog.

* What is the best and the worse part of blogging for you?
The best part of blogging is connecting with people and finding awesome books to read through other blogs. I found so many amazing books that I never would have found on my own. The worst part of blogging is getting burnt out trying to do too much. It gets a little hectic when you read, review, and trying to be on every social network.

* Do you enjoy doing memes and if so, which ones can be found on your blog?
I do enjoy memes, but unfortunately I don't have the time to do them. When I do have the time, I plan to have In My Mailbox, Teaser Tuesday, and Follow Fridays and the Friday Blog Hop.

* How would you describe your review style and how do you handle reviews when you didn't enjoy the book?
I typically divide my reviews into the summary, the likes, dislikes, and overall. Recently I added "Recommended By" section to give credit to people aroud the blogosphere and my friends who recommend awesome books. Most of the time if I don't like a book, I typically say that the book wasn't my cup of tea and just point out what wasn't working for me and what could have made it better (granted the book is already published, it's not a workshop). I don't use a rating scale because I want my review to speak for itself and typically all the books that I read are books that I typically enjoy so they'd all be rated between three and four stars.

* What can we expect from you in the future?
More everything. In the coming months (most likely March because I'll be graduating college then) I want to read more books, write more reviews and participate in more blogging communities, the whole sha-bang!

* What advise would you give new book bloggers out there?
Just have fun. It's not a competition to get the most followers. Sure, you want to get your name out there, but it should be about the love of books and connecting with readers, other book bloggers out there. If you read it, they will come.

Thank you so much for a fun time today, Najela!

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