Monday, July 19, 2010

Victoria Francis paintings

Isn't this a beautiful painting. It is done by Victoria Francis which I have just discovered through a online friend, Sharon.

Victoria Francis does gothic pictures, some vampire inspired ones and then some that is a little too much for me - but taste differs. Google her name and you will see what I mean :)

Victoria Frances Pictures, Images and Photos

Something different.

angelique Pictures, Images and Photos

Isn't this one beautiful?

Victoria Frances Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. She is my favourite artist. I emailed some designers like Haed to ask if they want to make patterns of her work, but she isn't giving permission.

  2. There is a larger version of the above picture which includes a very sexy man with a wolf! I love her dresses which feature influences ranging from Venetian Courtesan to Empire to Victorian. The colours are so rich and I just know they are dressed in the finest silks, velvets and laces.

  3. Do you know what that picture's name is, so that I can search for it (the man and wolf sounds wonderful!). I only seem able to find this edited piece?

    Yes, I am definately living in the wrong era clothing wise :)


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