Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sharon's dolls

I spoke of my online friend, Sharon yesterday - she introduced me to Victoria Francis.  She makes beautiful miniature victorian dolls.  And (drum roll please!), she named one of the dolls after moi :)  Here she is . . . Chrizette, the Victorian Goth, inspired by a painting by Victoria Francis :)

Isn't she beautiful?  Here is the link - check out Chrizette - the doll

While you browse her site - don't forget to look at her other amazing work!  She even makes dollhouses!  You should see the little carpets she embroiders.  You will be jealous of her talent.

I can't even make full size dresses, I would never have the patience for these miniature ones - they are so beautiful and full of detail.  Here is the link to her site - Sharon Maggott's Mini's and more pictures:

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  1. Lovely dolls and how cool to have one named after you!


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