Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm back

I have been a little obsessed with the Twilight series these past two weeks.  I went from reading the books, to watching the movie, to getting the sound track! It was amazing - can't wait for the new movie although the second book definately was not my favourite. 

I haven't stitched in two weeks . . . I also haven't blogged.  But here is where I am at the moment . . . she can see . . .


  1. I am excited about New Moon. It was my favorite book...but I am Team Jacob and cant stand Edward. LOL

  2. She is very pretty! I have friends going to the midnight show (when it opens) this week.

  3. well i have read the first three book in just over a week and i am going to have to go buy breaking dawn tomorrow so i have been watching twilight( again) i havent got the soundtrack but i bought the score off itunes for it,( although we cant get the score for new moon in the UK yet even though you can in the states) and no one wants to watch New Moon,so its either i go as 'billy no mates' or wait till it comes out on dvd. Billy no mates it is then lol


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