Friday, July 8, 2011

Movie review: Scream 4



I had such high hopes that Scream 4 would be awesome but unfortunately it turned into a almost B-rate horror movie. 

But . . . luckily I love B-rate horror/comedy movies!  What fun this movie was!  Definitely not a movie that is afraid to laugh at itself.  And if you are a horror movie lover (like I am), you will have an awesome time with all the “classic movie” references.

Sidney Prescott is once again being hunted by Ghostface but gone are the victim she played.  Sidney has grown up.  She has taken her life back and is not afraid to fight back.  Original characters Dewey and Gail (now married) join the cast together with lots of pretty girls and handsome guys (who almost all get killed). 


This movie (like the previous in the series) are full of wonderful “one-liners Once again the teenagers are part of the movie club and have lots of horror movie rules that they share in the movie.  One of my favourite quotes of the movie:  “The first rule of horror movies . . . don’t F*** with the original.”  lol


This is not a serious movie, so just sit back and have some fun – you won’t be disappointed if you just flow with the story . . .


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  1. I don't like horror's but I'm sooo excited to see this one!


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