Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fairy Tales update

As you can see, my Fairy Tales (HAED) has come a long way from my last update.  I am about 1 1/2 pages into this project and I have to say that I am proud.  Last night when I couldn't sleep, I though about all my other stitchie projects and I think today I will take them all out and have a look.  I am in a "spring-cleaning" kind-of-mood, so maybe I will start sorting out all my supplies - I just love going through all my stuff and paging through all the patterns on my computer!  I can do that all day long.  :)


  1. Lots of details for only 1 1/2 pages so far! Have fun going through your stash!

  2. This looks very good so far. Wandering how the whole picture will look.

  3. Chrizette ~
    You should be proud. Wow! That is all I can say I am impressed. Both with your stitching and your blog. It looks great!
    It is a real bummer that you have to travel 1 1/2 hours everyday to work, that really sucks.
    You should read a book any time you can. I have read them on the way to see my son in Frisco, Texas and back home it's about 128 miles. They are a lot more interesting than reading.
    Take care my friend and thanks for your kind words and prayers for my sweet Knee ~ Hi. I sure do miss her and I cry about her a least once a week. I know it will get better sometime but when?
    Oh, Heather is pregnant again and she is due in November. Another blessed event. We are all excited but will hate to miss the birth of this one. She was just 88 miles with all the others and I stayed with her the first time for two weeks.
    I miss them so much but what can you do? I have to work and stay with my mom.
    God Bless ~


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