Monday, October 26, 2009

Still only Fairy Tales

I have stitched some more on Fairy Tales - she is the only one I am stitching on at the moment, the only one I want to stitch.  All the other patterns will just have to wait for a little while longer - I just love working on her.  I decided to take out the little patch on her forehead and I feel much happier with it at the moment - will have to see how I feel after the whole face is finished (hope that two froggings were enough!).

I have discovered a website called SWAP-BOT.  And I think I might be enjoying it for a while.  I have registered and have already signed up for some email swaps.  :)  I might even join some of the package swaps in the future.  :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A totally Useless SAL

Here is my TUSAL. Spud decided that he needs to be part of the picture!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blog candy

Doesn't this prize look absolutely heavenly.  Brenda from Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt shoppe is having a give-away - hurry on over here.  The more guys that enter, the more prizes there is going to be, so come on and share this (and don't forget to say that I sent you :).
Ending 31 October 2009 - Halloween!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happiness is finishing a page of a HAED design

Yes, that's right - I can hardly believe it myself . . . page 1 is finished!  I am so happy!  Last night I sat in hubby's office and stitched the last part.  He kept on asking "Can we go to sleep yet?"
"Only a few more stitches . . . " was all I said.  :)  I don't know which one of us was happier when the last stitches went in :)
I am still not happy with the little patch on her forehead but I am waiting till after I finish the right side of her face before I frog it again.  I am just going to blend it with the colours beside it.  If I don't, it will forever be jumping out at me.  Sometimes you just have to do things for peace of mind.

For some blog candy, go and visit Jenny here.  She is having a fabric give-away.  She is new to blogging, so let's make her feel welcome!  The give-away ends 21 October 2009.
EDIT:  Melissa was the lucky winner.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday was a good day - today was not!

I took off the day yesterday.  I just needed some me-time . . . I tried very hard to just recharge my energy levels and maybe a little of my sanity.  I had such fun.  I started the day early and went to a local fabric shop I found that sells the "off-cuts"  from the rolls of material (you know, the last little bit (and sometimes not so little) on the rolls of material that no-one will buy).  They sell it by weight - I got a huge bag for a small amount out of my wallet. :)  Always a good thing!
I got out my sewing machine and sewed together my first quilt-pieces.  I think it is the first time I used my sewing machine - fun, fun, fun!  I know the sewing is not totally straight but I am going to incorporate it somehow into my first quilt.  I am terribly soppy about such things and just have to keep it.  I will always remember the feeling when I look at it.  Here is a picture of the pieces.

Today it was back to the place that turns my mood black.  Rumours have been doing the rounds that the company has a "cash-flow problem" and that they are struggling to pay salaries . . . and it doesn't help when HUGE errors are caught out and it seems that a "write-off" of huge proportions are on the cards.  I wish I could be a housewife!  I am tired of all the stress.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Painting class

I had a painting class again today - and here is what I have done.  Mostly only the hat and top part of the chair. 

We are nearing the end of page 1

I finished the face of page 1 - I am so chuffed (is that a word that is used outside of our borders?).  I am very happy with the results except for a few stitches on her forehead. 
I have checked and checked and checked again to see if I used the right colour but it keeps on saying DMC 407 everytime I look. :) And that is what I used . . . but it seems to just jump off the face and hit you in the eye.  It looks out of place and much too dark for the rest of the face. 
Please help - should I change it and if so, to what colour?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My maiden aka Fairy Tales

I am really unhappy in my job.  I haven't been able to enjoy this weekend as my mind keeps on returning to all the trouble that will continue on Monday and probably for the next week.  I seem to keep going from one crisis to the next there.  I wish I had the courage to just quit.  Unfortunately I am in the position where I need to work . . . one salary is not enough at the moment.    Even my stitching couldn't help this weekend.  I hoped that it would help me relax but my mind kept on wandering back . . .   I wanted to finish the first page of my HAED this weekend but there is just too many confetti stitches going on.  Here is my update photo.